Akrotiri Red Beach & Perissa Beach - Santorini, Greece

Exploring the beautiful beaches of Santorini... 

After a morning of volunteering at the Santorini Animal Welfare Association, we caught the bus from Karterados to Akrotiri and then Perissa later that day. Bus rides can cost anything from 1.20 - 2.80 euro each way, they visit popular parts of the island and run every twenty minutes during peak season. As Santorini is a volcanic island, there are many pebbled and black sand beaches that are not very nice to walk on, so wearing flip flops or something suitable is definitely worth doing as otherwise, it can hurt a little, and the black sand can get really hot. 

We noticed that Akrotiri Red beach and Perissa beach are the most popular on the small island. Santorini is very windy, and on the day we went to Akrotiri we saw tourists walking down a rocky narrow path to get to the small section of beach where you can see the red rock. We didn't risk going to the beach for a closer look, as while I was standing taking these photos I was getting pushed around by the wind on the edge of a cliff, so it wasn't worth the risk. However, there's other things to do in Akrotiri, if you're interested in history. You can visit an archaeological site known as Pompeii. It contains the remains of a prehistoric village that was swallowed by a volcanic eruption around 1627 BC. Some believe that Akrotiri is the legendary Atlantis, the city that sank into the sea. There are two-storey Bronze Age houses, with wine urns and preserved narrow streets and cellars. Sadly I didn't get the chance to visit, as I found out about the archaeological site afterwards.

Perissa beach was lovely, with plenty of sun loungers available to rent for the day. The bus dropped us off within a few steps from the beach and nearby there are so many restaurants, bars and shops. There's also some beautiful white washed buildings around, like the ones I found above.

Next time I visit Santorini, I want to go to the black beach of Kamari, it stretches for five miles and has buzzing beach bars, restaurants and plenty of water sports to take part in.

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