Bellagio - Las Vegas

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bellagio botanical gardens & fountain show

The Bellagio is a beautiful Italian style hotel, you may notice it from a few movies especially one of my favourite movies Oceans Eleven where Brad Pitt and George Clooney stand outside filming in front of the night time fountain display. It was the first place I wanted to visit on my trip to Vegas because I had heard so much about it and the hotel is pretty iconic. There is a walkway to the Bellagio hotel from the Vdara Hotel & Spa which is where I stayed so it was handy to get onto the strip from the Bellagio. The Vdara Hotel has Bellagio lake view rooms so you can watch the fountain display from your suite.

Firstly, the hotel is huge, the lobby features a stunning colourful ceiling made of glass flowers, and every walk way has beautiful floor tiles worthy of an Instagram #shoefie picture. The resort contains a hotel, casino, luxury shops, restaurants and entertainment. 

Nearby the lobby you will find the Bellagio's Botanical Gardens, I recommend going in the day and at night when its all lit up. Its such a stunning display composed with plants, flowers and trees arranged beautifully to create mermaids and seals, they change the display to go with the season, the Botanical Gardens is free to enter.

You cant leave Las Vegas without watching the fountain display where the water dances beautifully to music, its brilliant and is starts regularly throughout the day and night, its well worth watching at both times, the display is very popular as you walk by you cant help but stop and watch as its so romantic.

My video just doesn't do the fountain display justice, it's definitely something that should be seen in person, to get the full experience. The show runs every 15 - 30 minutes and the Botanical Garden Display is open all year round and changes for the different seasons.

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Disclaimer: My entire trip to Vegas was funded by me. All photos are belong to me also.