Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat - Las Vegas

free things to do in las vegas: flamingo wildlife habitat

During my week in Vegas I tried to visit as many hotels as I could on the strip as they are all specially themed and come with lots of attractions, so when I was looking around the Flamingo Hotel I noticed they had a Flamingo Wildlife Habitat which was free entry so I had a lovely morning stroll around the gardens checking out the flamingos, ducks, swans, fish and turtles. The habitat is very serene with waterfalls and palm trees.

The Flamingo Hotel was the first hotel to open on the Las Vegas Boulavard strip and has a pretty interesting history as the hotel was financed by the mobsters in 1946, which is an interesting read on Wikipedia. The hotel has a Miami theme with neon and art deco features.

At the side of the Flamingo hotel there is a pathway that leads you to the High Roller ferris wheel which is the worlds tallest, but before you get to the end of the path, there are loads of good quality shops, bars and restaurants which are well worth a look around.

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