Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat - Las Vegas

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Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat: The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

Before flying to Vegas, I used searched for fun thing’s to do in Vegas during the day, I had heard about the history of Siegfried & Roy before so when I found out they had a Secret Garden & Dolphin Habit located at The Mirage Resort, I just had to go. On my second day after a good nights sleep, I woke up early, got breakfast and ended up being one of the first inline to get into the attraction.

The cost of an adult ticket is around $20, which I thought was well worth the experience. Firstly, when you enter the habitat you walk to the large dolphin pool and you can watch them do tricks for food and there's someone there telling the audience lots of interesting facts about the dolphins during the show too. There is also a underground walkway where you can watch the dolphins with a view under the pool, there's about 20 dolphins in total at the habitat.

After seeing the dolphins gracefully swimming around, I walked into the garden part of the resort, and the first thing I saw was two absolutely gorgeous lions, they were lying down peacefully with there big beautiful eyes wide open, it was funny because me and a bunch of people were filming the pair of lions when the one lion got up and almost squashed the other one as she sat back down, so he let out this big loud roar and we all jumped, my camera almost went flying. 

There was also an adorable white tiger, playing around in the pool jumping on a big ball trying to get it out of the water, it was so cute to watch I stood there for a good half an hour or more watching (until he decided to spray wee on the people standing next to me, so I decided that was my cue to leave), he reminded me of my blue merle border collie dog, because of the way he was playing around and how he looked all white and fluffy (minus the huge teeth and body).

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