The Mirage - Volcano Display - Las Vegas

White tigers, dolphins, black panthers, lions and a volcano shooting out fireballs on the Las Vegas strip is just a few of the reasons why you should visit The Mirage resort

After spending the day in Downtown Vegas checking out the Fremont Street Experience, I got the Duce bus back to the strip and got off near The Mirage resort to wait for the volcano display. As the volcano began to erupt everyone on Las Vegas Boulevard gathered to watch fireballs shooting 12 feet into the air and explosions choreographed to a tribal soundtrack. It's a fantastic experience, you feel the rumble of the eruption and heat from the large flames, warning it gets pretty toasty. What's also pretty cool is the soundtrack has a recording of a real volcano eruption.

My camera overheated and turned itself off so I wasn't able to film the entire show, which is annoying as I would have really liked to show you the entire show. The Mirage is another of my favourite resorts on the strip, last year I visited the Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat which was fun, you can see the post here.

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