Vegas Extreme Skydiving - Tandem Skydive Experience

Doing a tandem skydive in Las Vegas, has got to be the number one thing on your Vegas to do list. After many years on my bucket list I finally ticked it off, and its got to be the best thing I have ever did!

There's so much more to Las Vegas than casinos and nightclub's, for me it's been my happy place where I have been able to tick a bunch of bucket list stuff off my never ending list. Last year I visited Vegas and ticked off hiking the Grand Canyon in Arizona and walking the Hollywood walk of fame with a day trip in nearby state California.

This year I got to hike the beautiful Red Rock Canyon and jump out of plane, something that I have dreamt of doing since I was very young. I had been looking into doing a Tandem Skydive in the UK for some time now, but with work and university, I had just never got around to doing it and I'm glad. 

Because where better to do your first ever skydive then in fabulous Las Vegas. I booked the skydive using an excursion app called Viator and the skydive company were called Vegas Extreme Skydiving, they were so lovely and made everyone feel upbeat, safe and forget about what they were about to do. I paid £197 for a jump, DVD and shuttle package, and it was worth every penny for the amazing experience, (there was a 10% off discount offer for booking with the mobile app at the time, so I made a nice saving.)

The shuttle picked us up at the MGM Grand resort, during the short 20 minute journey we watched a demonstration video and signed a terms and conditions agreement. We then arrived at the Jean Sport Aviation Airport, where we got to meet our instructor, get suited up and go over some instructions as to how we do the jump. Before we knew it we were in the plane climbing 15,000 feet above Las Vegas. 

As I have wanted to do a skydive for so long now, I wasn't scared, I was more excited and just wanted to hurry up and jump and take in the beautiful mountain views of Nevada and fly like a bird. When you first jump your stomach goes in your mouth, you know that feeling when you go over a big hill and your belly flips sort to speak, well it felt like that but x10 for a few seconds while your free-falling and then it's gone when the parachute is out and you're just gliding through the air.

I made a mistake wearing too much mascara as my lashes were a bit squashed with the glasses on, however, I still got to take in some amazing views and the experience was out of this world. I am so glad I got the whole thing on film, and I am also glad I managed to keep my mouth closed during the jump ha.

I am so glad I had chosen to do my first ever tandem skydive with Vegas Extreme Skydiving, they were brilliant and everything ran smoothly and all the instructors and staff were lovely. After the jump I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and show my boyfriend the video and send it to my family over Whats-app, who were waiting patiently for it back in England. I was also feeling super happy having ticked off the very first thing I ever wrote on my bucket list as a youngster, so much so that I forgot to give my awesome instructor Brian an envelope with tip money in. However next summer I will be going back to Vegas again and will be heading straight to Vegas Extreme Skydiving to do it all over again. 

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Disclaimer: Paid for with my own money. This is not a collaboration.