The Little Dessert Shop - West Midlands

dessert shop in the west midlands

If your local to the West Midlands you may have came across people on your Facebook raving about The Little Dessert Shop, for the past few months I have had photos of these delicious looking desserts taking over my feed, me and my friends couldn't put the urge off any longer and just had to go and indulge in some heavily calorific sweet treats.

The Little Dessert shop has been open for 10 months and is located nearby the Wolverhampton bus station. When we got to the shop there were queues of people outside waiting to get a table, we were told it would be at least a 45 minute wait but if we ordered to takeaway we could get served straightaway so we did that but ended up sitting on the outside table anyway as the queue cleared up quicker then the 45 minutes they had originally stated which worked out good.

I ordered a Ferraro Fantasy, its a waffle with melted nuttela, sprinkles of hazelnuts and Ferraro rocher with gelato ice cream, it tasted just like how it looks, absolutely delicious. I did struggle to finish the last quarter of the waffle as it is pretty big in size so I took the rest home and ate it later. I can understand why this place is being raved about. My dessert was just under £7 and my friend had the Oreo version of this and said it was amazing too so I think I will try that the next time I go, they also do cookie dough desserts and crepes. There is a big menu to choose from and everything looks out of this world so you may struggle to decide what to have, I sure did I would of happily ordered the entire menu if I could physically consume that much in one sitting.

Since my very first visit to their Wolverhampton shop, they have since opened another shop in Bloxwich and Birmingham, which I have visited many times. The above photos show other desserts I have eaten there, the cookie dough is amazing!

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Disclaimer: Food bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.