Inside Mother London Offices - Creative Advertising Agency

A sneak peek inside the world's leading independent creative agency

Recently myself and a handful of Birmingham City University students got the chance to go down to London for the day and check out the very cool and creative offices of Mother London. They are the creative advertising agency behind, some of the best television adverts out there. Any fans of the Money Supermarket adverts? with the epic dance off.... well they created it, as well as No7, Boots, Ikea and PG tip's adverts to name just a few.

Their open plan warehouse style office have made it to the top 5 of the coolest offices in the capital, and I can certainly see why. I didn't want to take many photos, as obviously, I didn't want to photograph anything I shouldn't have. But you can see more awesome photos of their office here.

During the tour of the office, we also got to sit down and have a chat with the talented creatives behind the adverts, which I found to be a great insight into the industry that I hope to progress into after graduation. For anyone studying Marketing, Advertising and PR and want to work within an agency then this unique company is certainly one you may want to look into. 

They have a fantastic work style, for example, you can bring your dog to work and everyone eats breakfast and lunch together daily, plus to get creative juices going, they move seats every 6 weeks so they get the chance to bounce new ideas from each other and make an enjoyable working environment where everyone knows each other.