An affordable & ethical beauty brand in Birmingham

Eness are an affordable and ethical beauty brand who only use natural ingredients within their skin and body care products...

There's a new body care brand who have just opened their first UK store in Birmingham! So if your living in the city and are looking for sustainable and ethical beauty products, but don't have the disposable funds to splash out on overpriced cosmetics, then your in luck, Eness are affordable yet sell high-quality products. Products are also available to order via their website.

The Eness range currently consists of nail cream, hand cream, body powder, body lotion, tissue oil, deodorant, foam bath, body wash, body sprays, soaps, hand wash and scented candles. All these products are available in beautifully scented ranges of Magnolia, pink blossom, cocoa heaven, strawberry, lavender, wild rose and diamonds. All ranges contain Bio-Pharm Oil, which is a unique ceramide blend that helps to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Eness products are produced by a leading South African cosmetic company, who's ethos is 'beauty without cruelty'. Eness also stands for:

Earth - Love your earth

Neutral - Contribution to carbon footprint

Ethical - Responsibility

Sustainable - Formulations and raw materials

Social - Our corporate social responsibility

"Eness Cosmetics range of luxurious body care has been specially developed to fill a gap in the market for ethical products, which are premium quality but represent affordability and great value for all - regardless of age, ethnicity and skin type".

I was invited by Eness to pop down to their store on Cannon Street (near New Street train station) to pick out a few products to take home and try out. The photo above shows you the products I have been using. I'm obsessed with cocoa body lotions so I have been using their 'Cocoa Heaven' body lotion after I get out the shower and it smells so good, throughout the day I get a whiff of it on my skin so its definitely one of my favourites. The Diamonds range have a lovely shimmer of glitter and is enriched with minerals and vitamins, it also smells really good to.  Another product I really like is the tissue oil, which is enriched with vitamin E oil and works just like the well known brand Bio-Oil except its half the price and has a beautiful floral fragrance.

The packaging is basic and used from recycled materials and this is why they are able to sell great quality beauty cosmetics that are friendly to our environment. There is also a small range of men's products and they have a new range coming out at Christmas. They also have a loyalty programme that helps towards their 'Save the Rhino Campaign' which is fantastic. 

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Disclaimer: *Complimentary gift from Eness, all words and photos my own