Aluna Bar - Food, Cocktails & Music - Mailbox, Birmingham

An evening of great cocktails, food, music and atmosphere at the Aluna Bar, Birmingham

Recently I was invited by Aluna, a cocktail bar located at the Mailbox, Birmingham. I had never been before, so I was excited to check it out on a Friday evening with my friend. Upon entering I instantly noticed the very stylish decor, from the low hanging lights, crushed velvet seating and ornate frames on the wall. There was a chilled out vibe with some great music being played, and I really like how its overlooking the Birmingham canals outside the trendy Mailbox. 

We were given four complimentary cocktail drinks, and as we were a little peckish when we arrived we ordered a chocolate brownie with cream and a drizzle of strawberry sauce, which was delicious and perfect for two girls with a very sweet tooth. Now back onto those cocktails, the first one we tried was a 'Bubblegumtini' - a nostalgic bubble gum flavoured vodka concoction. It came with a pink neon glow stick, popping candy and the taste brought us back to our childhood, popping on hubba bubba bubblegum.

Up next was the 'Pomegranate cosmo' - a clear molecular version of the classic cosmopolitan with a twist. This tasted great and we loved the little jelly drops in it. We then had a 'French Martini' - a variation of the vodka and Chambord classic with pineapple foam. Again this tasted delicious, the pineapple topping was so lovely and creamy. We then ended the night with a classic Margherita - a refreshingly sharp but dangerous Tequila, Cointreau and lime with a rim of salt.

We both had a great time sipping on cocktails at the very stylish Aluna bar, and the guys who served us were so lovely and chatty. They had tables reserved for a party and their food looked amazing, so we both plan to go back soon to eat there because the menu looks perfect for a foodie like me. So if you live in Birmingham or Bristol and are looking for food, cocktails and a great atmosphere then I definitely recommended Aluna to you. Plus they have some gold angel wings on the wall, that you can take the perfect snapchat selfie with using the Aluna filter.

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Disclaimer: Invited by Aluna to try out a range of complimentary cocktails. All photos and words are my own.