Good Vlog & selfie Camera - Panasonic Lumix TZ57

What cameras do vloggers/bloggers use? Here's my recommended camera to create perfect vlog videos

Recently, I won the title of  'Digital Communications Student of the year' at university and as well as some chocolates, a certificate and a free trip to London, I was given this Panasonic Lumix TZ57 camera, which I was very grateful for. As last year I brought a camera to take on my summer travels, and although it has a fantastic 20 megapixels it was so annoying to use when filming, so my videos didn't turn out very well, because to film I had to hold down the button and if I slightly lifted my finger it would stop filming. 

That's why I am so happy to have been given this new camera, which is perfect for filming and vlogging as it has a folding screen so you can see yourself and a switch rather than a button to go into film mode. If only I had this camera last summer and my travel YouTube videos would have been so much better! gutted. 

Anyway, this camera comes with 16 megapixels, so that's the same photo quality of the latest Samsung or iPhone so its good. It has a large LCD tiltable screen, 20x optical zoom, built-in WiFi and full HD 1080p video.

The camera has many features and is perfect to take hands-free selfies with, it also has a soft skin and face slimming mode. Any photos you take can be posted directly to your social media as the camera connects to the internet, so you don't have to go to the effort of transferring them to your laptop and then posting. Brilliant!