Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum

Do you have sensitive skin? Are you looking for beauty products that will calm and reduce sensitivity and redness?

My skin is sensitive, oily and prone to breakouts and therefore I am really careful about what products I use to ensure it doesn't irritate and make my skin type worse. After washing my face, my skin can be very red and it can take awhile to calm down so I am always on the lookout for calming beauty products to help reduce the sensitivity and redness.

A relative recommended I try the Hylamide Booster Sensitive Fix Serum which has been working well for her, so I bought it from Boots for £12.00 when it was on offer.

The serum is made to target multiple roots of sensitivity and visible skin redness, to counteract the skin's PH imbalance in the immediate and short term to reduce signs and feeling of sensitivity. It comes with a pump applicator to easily drop the serum on the areas you need it most.

I have used the product for a fortnight, and apply it to my face as soon as I have had a wash. Only a few drops are needed as the serum goes a long way, I gently rub it into my face in a circular motion, then apply my usual products a few minutes after giving it chance to settle. The serum feels light on the skin and has helped to reduce the sensitivity and red appearance after washing.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.