Yoga Outfit & Healthy Living Haul

Recently I went on a shopping spree in the outlet stores at Resorts World Birmingham and got some great bargains!

The summer is my favourite time of year to get outdoors, be active and most importantly just find a sport I can enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore. If you can grab a bunch of friends and family members with you and just have fun, then the mind and body will benefit too. For some time I have been coming across many yoga Instagram snaps and have really wanted to try it out for myself. However after recently coming back from travelling China and visiting the temples I now more than ever want to try out meditating. Also when I had a massage at  Santai Spa, the therapist said I had a lot of trapped muscle tension in my back and shoulders, so I feel that taking up yoga, doing the stretches and overall looking after my health and body will benefit me a lot.

On the 6th August at 11am, YogaSweat have a free 60 minute yoga class at Resorts World Birmingham and I am really looking forward to going along and trying it out for the first time with a few friends. [Read about my first time doing yoga]

To get outdoors and sporty this summer, I needed the gear to feel the part so I recently visited the resorts outlet stores. The first store I visited was the Nike Factory Outlet store where I bought a green yoga mat and some grey printed leggings, both were £14 each. You now that rare occasion when you go up to the till and your item turns out cheaper than you expected and you try to keep quiet and quickly exit the store when they hand over the receipt, well with the resort being an outlet shopping centre that happens all the time. The sticker on my super comfortable Nike Air Relentless trainers said they were reduced down to £31, and when I got to the till they were only £15.50. That was a lovely unexpected saving, my friend later went up to the area at the back of the store where I got them and we totally missed the ‘50% off ticketed price’ sign.

I also brought a grey and white tank top for £15 out of the New Balance store, the tag said £18 so again I made a nice little saving. And I brought a black basic sports bra from Gap, they have an extra 30% off all items so instead of it being £14.99 it was only £10.49. The last shop I went into was Holland & Barrett, they also have 30% off the ticket price across the entire store, so I stocked up on some speciality herbal teas as they have such a fantastic collection that’s not available in your typical supermarket. They also have green teas that have been imported from China, so they have some really great stuff. Their range of healthy snack bars look delicious too.

For those that have been reading my blog for a while, you know I can't leave the house in the morning without having a cup of green tea and a glass of lemon water to start my day. They have so many health and beauty benefits, they are full of antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, so are a great beverage to start drinking if you’re planning to get healthy or taking up a sport. All the women in my family swear by drinking it, my Nan has been drinking green tea before it became a thing and she looks incredible and is super fit for her age of 78.


Something else I have highly recommended on the blog before is Bioglan Superfoods available at Holland & Barrett, it’s a powder that comes in lots of different flavours and you can mix it with yogurt and smoothies for an energy boost in the morning. Each serving contains your daily intake of vitamins and nutrients, so it’s an amazing easy supplement that you can add to your meals if you struggle to get your 5 a day. It’s really helped reduce my tired and fatigue feeling and instead, I feel far more energetic and awake.

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Disclaimer: Guest blogger for Resorts World Birmingham. All items were paid for using a complimentary gift card. All words and photos are my own.