Garnier Cleansing Lotion & Perfect Blur Eye Cream

Garnier Softening Cleansing Lotion

I tend to use a lot of Garnier beauty products because they seem to do the job well. So recently I brought the Garnier softening cleansing lotion because I have dry skin and it says it removes eye make up too, so I thought that would save me time not having to follow up with eye make up remover after cleansing my face.

Firstly, the cleanser does have a runny consistency, but smells lovely and fresh. I apply a generous amount of cleanser on a cotton pad and gently cleanse my face with it to remove my make up, if I have loads of make up on I use two or three cotton pads. I then wash my face with a face wash and lukewarm water and follow up with a toner to ensure every trace of make up is gone.

The Garnier cleansing lotion is good at removing make up and eye make up, although when I have my eyes fully made up with a waterproof mascara and thick eyeliner flicks it does struggle to remove it all, but on an up side its very gentle on my eyes and doesn't irritate them at all.

garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Eye Cream

I bought the Garnier 5 second perfect blur eye cream because I always have very dark circles under my eyes. I apply the cream to my eye area and the corners of my eyes, it leaves my under eye skin feeling very silky. I noticed a slight difference before putting my make up on, but with make up on the skin under my eyes looks much brighter and radiant. Before using this my dark circles would still be visible with make up on no matter how much concealer I used.

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Disclaimer: Products bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.