Robata Bar and Grill - Fusion Restaurant in Birmingham

Robata Bar and Grill is a Fusion of European, Australasian & Pan-Asian cuisine located at Resorts World Birmingham

During the summer I was lucky enough to stay at the luxurious 4* Genting Hotel and then have breakfast at the super stylish Robata Bar and Grill (see hotel review here). For breakfast I had a delicious bowl of fresh berries, granola, mixed nuts and Greek yogurt and ever since I have been desperately wanting to return to try out the Robata Bar and Grill all day menu. 

The restaurant located within Resorts World Birmingham has a lovely lake view and the interior is stunning, I really want those gold low hanging lights in my house! The service in Robata was spot on, I didn't get my waiters name, but he was so helpful and friendly when I needed help picking a dessert, as I wasn't quite sure what it was. 

As it was only 12pm and I was dining alone I decided to have the 3 course light lunch menu for £18.50. To start I picked the crispy Cantonese fried chicken with sweet chilli & garlic ginger sop, although I dislike eating chicken from the bone, the crispiness was scrumptious and I'm a lover of all things sweet so the sweet chilli sauce was perfect.

For my light main I chose the grilled fillet of organic Shetland salmon with teriyaki glaze & steamed jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is my favourite kind so this was heavenly and the crunchy fresh salad was lovely with the lime squeezed over. And as for that salmon, well it was succulent and full of flavour, there wasn't even a drop of food left, as I full on used my knife and fork to scrap up every little drop of food on my plate. 

For dessert I had the baked cornmilk parfait, I wasn't too sure if I was going to like it, as well I wasn't really sure what to expect, and I always just naturally go for a chocolate dessert. But once the beautifully presented jiggly pudding came out, and I took my first bite I was so tempted to ask for seconds. It was a delicious mouth-watering combination of creamy cornflakes, mint and chocolate with a little crisp from the actual cornflakes on the chocolate swirl.

The light lunch menu was really impressive, so I plan to go back soon with my boyfriend to try out the main menu, as I know he would love it. Check out all my Resorts World Birmingham posts here.

Disclaimer: *The food was paid for using a complimentary RWB gift card