Patisserie Valerie - Continental Cafe & Luxury Cakes

Patisserie Valerie serve delicious continental food and heavenly handmade cakes in a French themed cafe

A few weeks ago I spent a morning at Resorts World Birmingham filming a cocktail masterclass at The Sky Bar, it was great fun and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I can guarantee I am going to be cringing while watching it though. However after sipping far too many cocktails before noon, I was in desperate need for some food, so I thought I would try out Patisserie Valerie as it’s a lovely looking French style café that always looks like a popular choice by visitors whenever I walk by.

The lovely Kathleen was my server and gave me the option of sitting in the al fresco dining area or inside, I opted inside to get a closer look at the amazing looking selection of fresh cakes by the till, the place smelt so good too!

After checking out the fantastic continental style menu and telling Kathleen my order, I began cringing over the blooper moments that had just happened during filming, but they were soon forgotten when an Iced Frappe of Coffee & Banana arrived at my table. The next thing to arrive was my chicken escalope meal, it was a delicious bread-crumbed chicken breast, with salad garnish, a French dressing and French fries along with a lemon wedge to sprinkle. The meal was scrumptious and just what I needed to give me that lunch time pick me up.

As Patisserie Valerie specialise in handmade cakes and treats, it would have been very rude of me to leave without ordering a dessert, so I ordered a warm Belgian waffle just to be polite of course. It was served with two scoops of seeded vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and it tasted heavenly.

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