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Almond Milk & Honey - Body range 

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey body care range is suitable for sensitive, dry skin. The range is 100% vegetarian and contains no colourants, mineral oil or petrolatum. I've mentioned numerous times on the blog before about how sensitive my skin is, so on first impressions, it was so nice to see a range suited to my skin type that is luxurious and smells amazing. When I opened the gift box, I honestly had my nose stuck in the pot of body butter for a minute or so, it really does smell beautiful. It's definitely my preferred type of fragrance for body care products as I always tend to go for foodie smells, like coconut, vanilla and cocoa so the combination of honey and almond milk is perfect for me.

The Soothing & Caring Shower Cream is formulated to respect the skin's natural moisture barrier & pH levels. The shower cream doesn't lather up much even when put in a bath lily so that was disappointing, however, I still felt clean and refreshed. The shower gel claims to reduce the sensation of a tight skin feeling which I have felt previously with other brand shower gels however my skin felt really good after using The Body Shop one.

The Gentle Exfoliating Cream Scrub claims to help smooth and soften the skin. As its 'Gentle' it doesn't contain many exfoliant 'bits'. Usually, I use a sugar scrub on my body at least twice a week to help remove dead skin cells, so when I used this scrub I didn't feel like it did much. However, for my skin type, I'm thinking using this exfoliant daily in the shower to gently remove dead skin cells would be much better for me compared to using harsh sugar scrubs. As it's a cream it also helped to soften up my skin before shaving my legs.

As soon as I got out the shower I fed my skin generous amounts of Soothing & Restoring Body Butter. I've always been a big fan of The Body Shop body butters so I just smoother myself with the stuff. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling great. My boyfriend noticed I had changed body lotions when he got a whiff of my neck and he said it smelt really nice. I was also sent the Soothing & Restoring Body Lotion which is lightweight compared to the thick consistency of the body butter. I've used both on different days and I am happy with how soft they have left my skin and they have provided my skin with much-needed moisture. At this time of year when I shave my legs, I tend to have flaky bits of skin, but I've not noticed it on my legs since using this.

The range is available in the shops on February 14th and also comes with a 'Cleansing Bar', 'Bath Milk' and 'Hand Cream'.

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*Disclaimer: Products received were complimentary from The Body Shop. All photos and words are my own.